Should they occur to a degree exceeding what constitutes normal aging of vehicle graphics, Grafix Shoppe warrants its products against the following: fading, discoloration, crazing, peeling, pitting.


    • Natural weathering, gradual reduction in gloss, slight color changes, some lifting of the graphics at the edges. 
    • Vehicle graphics lifting from recessed areas. 
    • Vehicle graphics damaged as a result of improper car washing or physical damage caused by contact with foreign objects such as road debris, tree branches, car keys, etc. 
    • Labor to replace damaged vehicle graphics unless installed by Grafix Shoppe. 

HOW LONG IS THE WARRANTY for vehicle graphics?

    • Computer-cut vinyl vehicle graphics, unprinted: 5 years 
    • Thermally-printed vehicle graphics: 3 years/2 years in high-sun states* 
    • Gold leaf products made from SignGold 22kt gold film: 5 years; product must be hand-washed only 
    • Scotchprint full-color vehicle graphics: 5 years/3 years in high-sun states* 

* AZ, NM, desert CA, NV, UT, TX, FL


If your warranty claim is justified, Grafix Shoppe will replace that product which is faulty. If Grafix Shoppe installed your vehicle graphics and your claim is justified, your remedy will include labor to remove damaged vehicle graphics and install new. If Grafix Shoppe did not install your vehicle graphics, no provision or remedy to cover labor for reinstallation will be made. In no case will Grafix Shoppe be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential damages resulting from product use.


The ability of vehicle graphics to survive its full expected life depends on many factors beyond control of the manufacturer. Lifespan is influenced far more by matters under the control of the applicator and user than of the manufacturer. In order for your Grafix Shoppe warranty to apply, you must:

    • Clean the surface: follow 3M Instruction Bulletin 5.1 Application: Substrate Selection, Preparation and Substrate-Specific Application Techniques. Note that vehicle surfaces require both General Cleaning and Solvent Cleaning. See end of this document for instructions in obtaining 3M Bulletins. 
    • Applicators: vehicle graphics must be applied by trained, professional applicators. Other applicators assume all risk and responsibility. 
    • Product misuse - Grafix Shoppe offers no warranty for vehicle graphics which are not installed, used or cared for in compliance with 3M bulletins or Grafix Shoppe application instructions. 
    • Inspection prior to application: vehicle graphics must be inspected prior to application and returned to Grafix Shoppe if suspect. Users who proceed to apply a vehicle graphics suspected of having a manufacturing defect void any claim or warranty. 
    • Car washing (after application) - See Grafix Shoppe Application Instructions for details on accepted washing. Do not wash the vehicle for three days following application. 
    • Wax - do not apply any wax directly over vehicle graphics. 


Visual assessment of the problem is required. Grafix Shoppe reserves the right to choose from one of the following means of evaluating complaints:

    • Return of the unapplied vehicle graphics
    • Photos of applied vehicle graphics
    • Third party assessment by 3M Technical Service 

Verbal descriptions of product problems are not sufficient.


Uninstalled vehicle graphics:

    • Stop. Do not apply suspect vehicle graphics. Phone Grafix Shoppe at once. 
    • Suspect vehicle graphics must be returned to Grafix Shoppe before any assessment can be done. 
    • Upon inspection of the vehicle graphics, Grafix Shoppe will make the appropriate remedy. 

Installed Graphics:

    • Document the problem. Compile the following information before calling: 
      • Vehicle graphics make, model, year, unit number (if applicable) 
      • Detailed description of problem 
      • Extent of problem: how many vehicles? Which parts of vehicles? 
      • Photographs: photo verification of problem is required. Digital photos will expedite processing of your claim. 
    • Call Grafix Shoppe to initiate your complaint. 
    • Grafix Shoppe will assess your claim. A third party (3M Tech Service) may be called to inspect. 
    • Grafix Shoppe will make appropriate remedy.


Preparation, installation, care and use of vehicle graphics in strict compliance with the following documents are required under terms of this warranty. These bulletins can be faxed to you via 3M’s Fax-On-Demand system. Phone 800-364-0768. They are also available online at www.mmm.com.

3M Instruction Bulletin 5.1: Application (Substrate Selection, Preparation and Substrate-specific Application Techniques). Fax on demand number 7001.
PDF Download: http://multimedia.3m.com/mws/mediawebserver?6666660Zjcf6lVs6EVs666TtMCOrrrrQ-  

3M Instruction Bulletin 5.36: Application (Special Considerations for Auto Graphics). Fax on demand number 7036.
PDF Download: http://multimedia.3m.com/mws/mediawebserver?6666660Zjcf6lVs6EVs666aE9COrrrrQ- 

3M Instruction Bulletin 5.5: Application (General Procedures for Interior and Exterior Dry Applications). Fax on demand number 7005.
PDF Download: http://multimedia.3m.com/mws/mediawebserver?6666660Zjcf6lVs6EVs666s0_COrrrrQ-