The Return of Kevin Garnett

Posted on March 5, 2015


The past few games at the Target Center with Kevin Garnett in the lineup has generated a lot excitement with a playoff like atmosphere at home games, paired with sellout crowds staying to the final seconds.

The excitement of the return of Kevin Garnett has kept Grafix Shoppe busy at the Target Center. Here’s a video of our installer’s putting up a new wall mural at the Target Center the day of Kevin Garnett’s big return to the Timberwolves on Fox 9 News, along with some photos of the new team wall mural.

Kevin Garnett

Wall Graphics

Andrew Wiggins

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Twin Cities Pride

Posted on August 4, 2014


Twin Cities Pride

The Twin Cities Pride parade is a major event in Minnesota every year for the LGBT community. The event brings the Minneapolis/Saint Paul community together commemorating diverse heritage, fostering inclusion, educating and creating awareness of issues, and celebrating achievements in equality. The event is open and inviting to everyone in the community, providing a safe environment in which individuals feel free to celebrate their relationships.

Grafix Shoppe has been a part of this event the past few years through one of our business partners, Resonate Live Marketing. Resonate Live Marketing is a team with over 60 years combined experience in designing, executing and measuring award-winning brand immersion events. We have long history of working together on the graphic and dimensional elements for a wide variety of events.

On this particular event, Resonate Live Marketing designed an innovative float for that parade which included the participation of the audience at the event. The walls of the float where designed similar to puzzle / coloring book mash-up. The walls had 4” x 4” cutouts of an outline of an image. Each wall had over 170 squares given out to the audience for them to draw and put back on the float. This meant the community had a hand in the design which came together like a quilt, showing the diverse fabric of the neighborhood.

Our challenge was to print and construct a durable float that could be taken apart with some ease after the parade and be set up at the park for people to take pictures with. Through trial and error, our team was able to engineer the float matching their art renderings, and fulfilling their desire to transform it into a standing structure in the park.  We enjoy working with Resonate Live Marketing because of the creative and challenging projects they send our way. At Grafix Shoppe we view ourselves as problem solvers, and we can never have enough problems to solve.







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Small Business Big Results

Posted on March 27, 2014

Being a small business can be tough in today’s economy especially if you are in the Printing Industry. Grafix Shoppe has been around for 25 years and has seen the highs and lows of the market. One thing has always remained the same for Grafix Shoppe, and that is our philosophy is to aggressively compete for business while delivering a quality product no matter how quick we need to turn a job around. To be able to deliver on this philosophy you need a phenomenal team backing it up.

In the world of event marketing there are plenty of times when you need printed promotional materials at the drop of the dime. It is hard enough doing the creative groundwork in a tight window, but often times the most stressful part of the process is finding a print vendor that you can trust to get the job done, on time, the correct way. Grafix Shoppe may be the vendor that you are looking for.

Here is an example.

STX, a global sports equipment manufacturer based out of Baltimore, MD approached Grafix Shoppe in an immediate need of a graphic removal and new graphics for their RV for the “Let’s Play Hockey Expo” in Saint Paul the weekend of March 7 and 8. Here is the timeline:

  • The design files were sent to Grafix Shoppe Friday evening the week before the event.
  • Our designer came in on that Sunday afternoon to set up the print files.
  • The graphics where printed Monday.
  • The RV arrived Monday night.
  • Our installers arrived at the Shoppe at 4 a.m. Tuesday, working around the clock removing the old graphics and applying the new graphics in a 48 hour window. Every nook and cranny on the RV was completely wrapped the right way, and the RV looked amazing check out the photos below.





STX was able to pick up the RV Thursday morning to make it to the River Center to set up for their booth at the expo. Grafix Shoppe was able to deliver on this job through the hard work and dedication of our team. If you are need of a big job done the right way with quick turnaround Grafix Shoppe is here for you to help ease your stress.

Our capabilities include:

 Contact us today for a quote or to learn more about our capabilities, or call us toll free 1-888-683-9665.

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