November Design of the Month

Posted on November 4, 2014

Design of the Month November

Edina Police Department, (MN)

This month's design of the month comes from Edina Police Department in our home state of Minnesota. This design is a unique design that pays tribute to fallen officers with the thin blue line incorporated with their design. Here is what their Chief Deputy had to say about his experience on working with Grafix Shoppe on their new design;

"Several months ago Edina was in the market to update the old black and white squad car design. Officers were growing tired of our squad cars looking just like everyone else's. It was time to create a design that was both modern and unique to Edina. With the help of Grafix Shoppe, I believe we have created that uniqueness they were looking for. 

A committee of seven officers was convened to look at different designs. The officers ranged in years of service from just a few, to the 20 year veteran. We used the Grafix Shoppe website to narrow our choices to just a few designs. The thin 'blue' line that wraps around our vehicles was an idea by one of our sergeants.  

Shawn Donovan worked with us to finalize the design, which the committee could agree upon. Now when you see our squads driving down the roadway, there's no question it's an Edina squad! Thanks Grafix Shoppe"

Jeff Elasky
Chief Deputy
Edina Police Department

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