September 2018 Design of the Month

Geary County Sheriff's Office and Community Involvement Team

Our September Design of the Month comes from Geary County Sheriff's Office in conjunction with The Community Involvement Team in Kansas.

 "The Community Involvement Team is a non-profit 501c3 community coalition that aims at building a positive rapport between law enforcement members and the citizens of Geary County and surrounding communities.The Community Involvement Program currently participates in numerous events within the community.

 One of the major goals was to bring a summer camp program to the community geared towards serving today’s 5th and 6th grade youth. Camp SHIELD (Sheriffs Helping to Inspire and Encourage through Leadership Development). Camp SHIELD will empower these children and arm them with the necessary skills to become successful and respectful adults.  

 The Community Involvement Team has successfully fund raised $25,000, the initial startup cost for the camp. Camp SHIELD is scheduled to launch in the Spring of 2019 and will continue on an annual basis."

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